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Resistance to Activated Protein C****
RESISTANCE TO ACTIVATED PROTEIN C DUE TO FACTOR V R506Q (FACTOR V LEIDEN) David Keeling BSc MD MRCP MRCPath Consultant Haematologist Oxford Haemophilia Centre, Churchill Hospital, Oxford. The Discovery of Resistance to Activated Protein C and Identification of the Mechanism. The phenomenon of resistance ... 01/01/04, 16846 bytes
Bandolier Internet Publications***
... by Dr Andrew Moore H Pylori by Dr Andrew Moore Commissioning New Genetic Services - Inappropriate demand or unmet need? Notes by Dr Eric Sidebottom Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden) by Dr David Keeling reprinted with permission from Opinion in Haematology (Vol ... 01/04/07, 5875 bytes
Bandolier - Evidenced Based Health Care***
... Cannabis and flying Latex allergy review Minor surgery in primary care - warts and all Systematic review of PPI and H2A in GORD Helicobacter pylori Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden) Policosanol review What is series Clinical governance? Confidence intervals? Cost ... 07/07/09, 19991 bytes
Commissioning New Genetic Services*
... in one case. Four DNA repair genes have been implicated in HNPCC. Most mutations are found in the hMSH2 or the hMLH1 genes and these tend to cause protein truncation which makes them easier to detect. It is also possible that the detection of the rer +ve phenotype (replication error prone) will provide ... 01/04/07, 26816 bytes
Story Index by Issue*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs Link to Back issues listing | Back Issue Listing with content Index | Subject Index STORY INDEX BY ISSUE Bandolier subscriptions and back numbers (5878 bytes) Bandolier Issue 1 * Technology Assessment [1-1] (11835 bytes) * Getting Research into Practice ... 01/04/07, 140578 bytes
Mindstretcher 2 - genetics and disease [Mar 2002; 97-7]*
... and meta-analysis of the relationship between ACE gene polymorphism and IgA nephropathy [2]. Factor V Leiden This gene mutation is associated with resistance to activated protein C, a natural anticoagulant and inhibitor of the coagulation system. The mutation can be found in a significant minority of ... 01/04/07, 13511 bytes
... Great genetics website Screening for fragile X syndrome Introduction to gene maps Genetics of common diseases Commissioning New Genetic Services Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden) Genetics and cancer Breast cancer screening: is it effective? Breast cancer and BRCA ... 01/04/07, 6360 bytes
Web Essays*
... to exercise Changing behaviour - weight control A healthy pregnancy Healthy post-natal care Diagnostic testing Evidence, trials, and migraine Resistance to activated protein C due to Factor V R506Q (Factor V Leiden) Latex allergy review Helicobacter pylori Systematic review of PPI and H2A in GORD Minor ... 01/04/07, 5834 bytes

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