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Long-acting ß-agonist controversy [December 2006; 154-4]****
... Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs Link to Back issues listing | Back Issue Listing with content Index | Subject Index LONG-ACTING ß-AGONIST CONTROVERSY The problem Comment Bandolier is usually on the look out for controversy, and examples of where the principles of evidence are misused ... 01/04/07, 11564 bytes
Inhaled steroids in childhood asthma [Feb 1998; 48-3]**
... tabs INHALED STEROIDS IN CHILDHOOD ASTHMA * Outcome reporting * Results * Adding theophylline to inhaled steroid * Results * Long-acting inhaled ß-agonists * Results * Comment Bandolier is frequently asked to "do more on asthma". There is no "quick fix" because asthma is a complicated subject, but there ... 01/04/07, 16659 bytes
Systematic reviews on pain topics*
SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS ON PAIN TOPICS KNOWN META-ANALYSES/SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS AROUND THE PAIN AREA no quality standards applied; N=681ish; version 8: 3-October-2003, posted 1 Sept 2004 This list was originally generated by Henry McQuay, Andrew Moore, Phil Wiffen and others This version was udated by: Kenny ... 01/04/07, 137227 bytes
Rotigotine for RLS*
... a single, short trial, to say that rotigotine is of any value in treating RLS. Reference K Stiasny-Kolster et al. Patch application of the dopamine agonist rotigotine to patients with moderate to advanced stages of restless legs syndrome: a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study. Movement Disorders ... 01/04/07, 6696 bytes
Opioids in pain management*
... often have little empirical credibility. Political decisions limit medical availability and hence choice of opioids in many countries. Particular agonists and mixed agonist-antagonists may be the only permissible opioids in some countries, because of perceived lower dependence liability. Partial agonists ... 01/01/04, 30190 bytes
Breathing exercises for asthma*
... Bandolier Logo tabs BREATHING EXERCISES FOR ASTHMA CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE: Improvement in mean daily PEFR, and a reduction in usage of rescue beta-2-agonists and inhaled corticosteroids was shown with breathing retraining. Results were based on limited patient information. Poor breathing technique can ... 01/04/07, 9050 bytes
Allergy, asthma and chest problems*
... facilitators in childhood asthma Breathing exercises for asthma Childhood asthma Herbal remedies for asthma Inhaled steroids and long acting Beta-agonists in childhood asthma Inhaled corticosteroid dose Internet asthma education IV steroids in acute severe asthma Long-acting beta-agonist controversy ... 02/13/07, 9569 bytes
OPIOID PROBLEMS, AND MORPHINE METABOLISM AND EXCRETION H J McQuay DM, Clinical Reader in Pain Relief R A Moore DPhil, Consultant Biochemist Pain Research and Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics University of Oxford, UK email Table of Contents Summary Preamble A.Clinical aspects A.I.Effectiveness A ... 01/01/04, 88155 bytes
Pain and its control*
PAIN AND ITS CONTROL Henry McQuay, DM Clinical Reader in Pain Relief email Pain sensation & transmission Figure 1. Some definitions Psychological factors Methods of measuring pain Research Figure 2. Clinical practice Problem areas Treatment Figure 3. Figure 4. Acute pain Figure 5. Low-tech: Intermittent ... 01/01/04, 68652 bytes
RELIEF OF CHRONIC NON-MALIGNANT PAIN Pain sensation & transmission Psychological factors Patients, pain histories and recording pain Pain histories Recording Pain Chronic pain treatment Figure 1: WHO analgesic ladder in acute and chronic pain Figure 2: Treatment Methods Non-opioid analgesics Oral ... 01/01/04, 48860 bytes

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