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OPIOID PROBLEMS, AND MORPHINE METABOLISM AND EXCRETION H J McQuay DM, Clinical Reader in Pain Relief R A Moore DPhil, Consultant Biochemist Pain Research and Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics University of Oxford, UK email Table of Contents Summary Preamble A.Clinical aspects A.I.Effectiveness A ... 01/01/04, 88155 bytes
Dr Andrew Moore publications 72-89*
... . Fertility and Sterility, 6, 621-627 (1976). 7 Triglyceride fatty acids confirm a change in dietary fat. RA Moore , S Oppert, P Eaton, JI Mann. Clinical Endocrinology, 7, 143-149 (1977). 8 Gas-Liquid Chromatography. RA Moore , JD McVittie. British Journal of Clinical Equipment, January, 25-32 (1978 ... 01/01/04, 42421 bytes
Book Reviews [Feb 2000; 72-6]*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs BOOK REVIEWS: MANAGEMENT OF THE MENOPAUSE, CLINICAL EVIDENCE AND POINT OF CARE TESTING Management of the Menopause. M Rees, DW Purdie. BMS Publications, Marlow. 1999. 78pp. ISBN 0 9536228 0 0. £10 plus postage from British Menopause Society, 36 West ... 01/04/07, 9808 bytes
Diagnostic testing emerging from the gloom? [Dec 1999; 70-5]*
... have begun to lay a little more foundation and to provide a sea-anchor in this turbulent area. CARE essay Bandolier 66 we featured the CARE project (Clinical Assessment of the Reliability of the Examination), a collaborative study of the accuracy and precision of the clinical examination. The Internet ... 01/04/07, 16008 bytes
Blunders [Jan 1998; 47-6]*
... past have been said to occur at about 1%. So we thought we would see what the literature said about blunders, and found some interesting papers in clinical biochemistry. Defining a blunder You know one when you see one, so some true-life examples: * A high drug level is reported in Mrs X. But Mrs X ... 01/04/07, 18575 bytes
Stopping Smoking [Nov 1994; 9-1]*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs STOPPING SMOKING Just recently there have been a number of superb articles on smoking from both sides of the Atlantic - the 'Human cost of tobacco' series in the New England Journal [1,2], and Doll, Peto and colleagues reporting of the 40-year follow ... 01/04/07, 21590 bytes
Treatment protocol effectiveness [July 2002; 101-2]*
... . Even if it ensures that nothing important is missed, it should reduce error and might improve results. To that end treatment protocols, or clinical pathways, critical pathways or care paths have been developed and are used. Do they deliver? This is not just being precious about evidence, but has real ... 01/04/07, 26128 bytes
Benecol and Lipids [June 1999; 64-9]*
... study. The study appeared to be beautifully designed and conducted, and it was detailed in its measurement of diets, energy intake and blood chemistry. Blood samples were taken 2.5 and 3.5 weeks after starting on a margarine, and the average values of these two measurements were taken. At baseline the ... 01/04/07, 8810 bytes
Correspondence - diagnostic blunders [April 1998; 50-5]*
... unacceptable blunder rates detected in some laboratories in the Australian study [5]. Extension of the traditional method of assessing QA data in Clinical Biochemistry laboratories is a realistic way of monitoring blunder rates. However, many of the errors affecting EQA samples are due to pre- and post ... 01/04/07, 8518 bytes
Consort [Dec 1996; 34-8]*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs CONSORT Bandolier has commented on the sources of bias that have been found in clinical trials due to lack of randomisation or blinding (see Bandolier 17 ). In 1994 two groups independently published proposals for requirements for reporting randomised ... 01/04/07, 6999 bytes

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