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Vacuum constriction devices for erectile dysfunction****
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs VACUUM CONSTRICTION DEVICES FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE There is little good randomised trial data on the use of vacuum constriction devices. References KR Wylie et al. The potential benefit of vacuum devices augmenting psychosexual ... 01/04/07, 7699 bytes
RCT of preventive devices****
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs RCT OF PREVENTIVE NEEDLESTICK DEVICES   CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE Though the study had a poor design, a variety of influences contrived to produce a 70% reduction in needlestick injuries, at a modest cost or possible saving. Reference: R Orenstein et al ... 01/04/07, 6919 bytes
Device Watch: NNTS & Tinnitus [Apr 1995; 14-3]***
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs DEVICE WATCH: NNTS & TINNITUS Medical devices tend to have much less attention than drugs or other therapies. A recent article has explained beautifully the rationale behind applying the same methods to medical devices as are used for drugs to measure ... 01/04/07, 7341 bytes
... and emergence of large numbers of latex-sensitive persons are unknown, but there are two possible explanations. During the 1980s the use of latex medical products increased tremendously in response to AIDS and a more general recognition of possible sources of transfer of infectious agents through contact ... 01/01/04, 26906 bytes
Report of first Bandolier Conference*
... and not recommended unless there are specific indications. If tests indicate obstruction rather than irritation then decisions about surgical or medical treatments will be needed and if surgery is thought to be indicated then TURP, open prostatectomy or one of the newer interventions must be chosen ... 01/01/04, 34290 bytes
Viral load testing: which test for what? Dr Raul Scott Pereira*
... , for sensitivity , reproducibility , staff and laboratory resource requirements and test cost . The study is in preparation for publication as a Medical Devices Agency Kit Evaluation report. The assays evaluated were: * Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor TM v.1.0 ( RT-PCR ) (Roche Diagnostic Systems, UK). * Nuclisens ... 01/01/04, 6445 bytes
CDC Study on needlestick prevention during phlebotomy*
... Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs CDC STUDY ON NEEDLESTICK PREVENTION DURING PHLEBOTOMY   CLINICAL BOTTOM LINE Testing three safety devices for phlebotomy produced substantial reductions in needlestick injury by 23-76% in US hospitals. Reference M Mendelson et al. Evaluation of safety ... 01/04/07, 10744 bytes
AMA and needlestick prevention*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs AMA AND NEEDLESTICK PREVENTION   BOTTOM LINE The American Medical Association scientific affairs committee has concluded that healthcare employers should evaluate the implementation of needlestick prevention devices. The key element is the requirement ... 01/04/07, 12393 bytes
Helicobacter Pylori and Peptic Ulcer*
... £90 - £106 million for the NHS, perhaps as much as £2 million per million of population. Such a course of action has been recommended by the American Medical Association. * New patients would benefit from eradication therapy. Diagnostic protocols involving testing by serology and endoscopy need to be ... 01/01/04, 142341 bytes
Systematic reviews on pain topics*
... SE. 1992 Bonica Lecture. Advances in chronic pain management since gate control. Reg Anesth 1993; 18(2):66-81. [19006] 3. Adamson GD, Nelson HP. Medical and surgical treatment of endometriosis. Endocrinologist 1996; 6(5):384-91. [1714] 4. Adelman JU. Lipton RB. Ferrari MD. Diener HC. McCarroll KA. Vandormael ... 01/04/07, 137227 bytes

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