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What is the future of the NHS?****
WASTE IN THE NHS: THE PROBLEM, ITS SIZE, AND HOW WE CAN TACKLE IT Andrew Moore DSc, Editor of Bandolier This version dated October 6 2000 A PDF version of this essay can be obtained . This was the title of a Praefectus' seminar in Holywell Manor in 1999. Holywell Manor is the hall for postgraduate ... 01/01/04, 40176 bytes
Report of first Bandolier Conference**
... Bandolier conference, outlined the history and purpose of Bandolier, thanked our sponsors, Anglia and Oxford RHA, Merck, Sharp and Dohme and the NHS Executive, and explained the purpose of the meeting. This was to share ideas between a wide range of people with a common interest in improving the care ... 01/01/04, 34290 bytes
Evidence-based guidelines? [August 2002; 102-2]*
... Scotland were contacted about the existence of guidelines for anticoagulant treatment of atrial fibrillation. These included regional and national NHS bodies, professional and charitable institutions, and members of mailing lists of audit organisations. They represented purchasers and providers of healthcare ... 01/04/07, 16362 bytes
Back Pain [Sep 1995; 19-1]*
... there is about a 50% chance of returning to work; this has fallen to about 25% at one year and 10% by two years. Costs The estimated cost to the NHS is £481 million a year (min-max range £356 - 649 million), with non NHS costs (such as private consultations and prescriptions) being an additional £197 ... 01/04/07, 11671 bytes
Bandolier Conference on Stroke [Nov 1999; 69-8]*
... Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs BANDOLIER CONFERENCE ON STROKE: WHAT TO DO SECOND - OPTIMISING SECONDARY PREVENTION AND FOLLOW-UP CARE PROGRAMME Stroke: what to do second - optimising secondary prevention and follow-up care was the subject of a Bandolier conference in London in March ... 01/04/07, 6355 bytes

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