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The 4th Bandolier Conference: Chlamydia****
THE 4TH BANDOLIER CONFERENCE: CHLAMYDIA In this issue * Chlamydia: What should we be doing? * Epidemiology of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection * Perspectives from primary care * Perspectives from the hospital * Testing: the challenge of chlamydia control * Treatment of chlamydial genital infection ... 01/01/04, 76004 bytes
Unsuitable for use in NHS patients and dogs (editorial) [March 1998; 49-1]*
... being one. The result is that failures are picked up very quickly. Unknowable things Some things may be truly unknowable. How long might anthrax spores left in the ground retain their viability? A difficult one. What irritates is those circumstances where we should know but don't. This month Bandolier ... 01/04/07, 9354 bytes

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