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Helicobacter Pylori and Peptic Ulcer****
HELICOBACTER PYLORI AND PEPTIC ULCER A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF EFFECTIVENESS AND AN OVERVIEW OF THE ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING WHAT IS KNOWN TO BE EFFECTIVE R A Moore MA DPhil Pain Research The Churchill Headington Oxford December 1994 Executive Summary Helicobacter pylori - background Introduction ... 01/01/04, 142341 bytes
Report of first Bandolier Conference***
REPORT OF FIRST BANDOLIER CONFERENCE MEN'S HEALTH: BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA AND PROSTATE CANCER Nov 1st /2nd 1995. EYNSHAM CONFERENCE CENTRE, nr OXFORD The chairman, Dr Andrew Moore, welcomed delegates to the first Bandolier conference, outlined the history and purpose of Bandolier, thanked our ... 01/01/04, 34290 bytes
Using labs best [Mar 1999; 61-4]**
... panels were considered, and the effect on test ordering of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), renal dysfunction (microscopy, creatinine and urea), iron stores (iron and ferritin) and thyroid tests (TSH, T4-uptake) examined. Six tests (haemoglobin, glucose, sodium, uric acid, copper and aldolase) ... 01/04/07, 15190 bytes
How Good is that Test? II [May 1996; 27-2]**
... does this work in practice? Take Helicobacter pylori infections as an example. Serology tests for the presence of anti-H pylori immunoglobulins and urea breath tests have sensitivities and specificities each of about 95%. So the NND calculation using fractions would be: NND = 1/[0.95 - (1 - 0.95)] ... 01/04/07, 16314 bytes
H. pylori - the bandwagon starts to roll [Jul 1994; 6-4]*
... edition of Medical Laboratory World carried a feature on a much larger piece of machinery (as big as a room) which can measure the concentration of urea in the breath. This not only indicates the presence or absence of H. pylori infection but also gives some indication of the activity of infection. ... 01/04/07, 9397 bytes
Changing diet substantially lowers blood pressure*
... food diaries, having them eat their weekday lunches or dinners on site and measuring 24-hour urinary excretion of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and urea nitrogen. RESULTS Ninety-five percent of participants assigned to the DASH diet (198 of 208) and ninety-four percent of those assigned to the control ... 01/04/07, 12465 bytes
Focus on H. pylori [Mar 1994; 2-3]*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs FOCUS ON H. PYLORI Helicobacter pylori is a bug in the news! It has been implicated as one causative agent in gastric and duodenal ulcer formation, and as one factor involved in gastric cancer. New diagnostic tests for H. pylori antibodies are becoming ... 01/04/07, 19348 bytes
Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) [February 2007; 156-3]*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs Link to Back issues listing | Back Issue Listing with content Index | Subject Index ESTIMATED GLOMERULAR FILTRATION RATE (EGFR) The problems eGFR and age eGFR and mortality eGFR and diabetes eGFR, heart failure, and MI Comment Useful websites: For ... 02/25/07, 21374 bytes
Reducing diagnostic tests in primary care [Sept 2003; 115-5]*
... in the trial by condition   Appropriate tests Inappropriate tests Cardiovascular Cholesterol and subfractions, K, Na, creatinine, exercise ECG Urea Upper abdominal SGPT, gamma-GT, ultrasound of hepatobiliary tract SGOT, LDH, amylase, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase Lower abdominal PSA, CRP, ultrasound ... 01/04/07, 13230 bytes
Predicting non-elective hospital re-admissions*
... were reaffirmed: * prior health care utilisation, * disease severity, * prior emergency room visits and hospitalisation, * higher levels of urea and serum creatinine * the presence of the diagnosis of COPD. The study identified two other variables that were significantly and independently related to ... 01/04/07, 10599 bytes

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