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A shared approach to better prescribing [Mar 2001; 12-3]****
Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs Back issue listing | Subject Index | Journal listing by subject | ImpAct Back issue listing A SHARED APPROACH TO BETTER PRESCRIBING Collaboration between two practices in Exeter points the way to rational prescribing Why was the initiative launched? What was done ... 01/05/05, 15631 bytes
Report of first Bandolier Conference*
... , thanked our sponsors, Anglia and Oxford RHA, Merck, Sharp and Dohme and the NHS Executive, and explained the purpose of the meeting. This was to share ideas between a wide range of people with a common interest in improving the care of men with BPH or prostate cancer, especially by addressing the use ... 01/01/04, 34290 bytes
Bandolier Letters Page*
... )? Ordure Psoriasis & eczema review Quality and size Reading in bed Screening blacklist Shopfloor epidemiology Shoulder Pain Skeins and in-flight decisions Teenage pregnancy Third generation pills Re: Bandolier number 55 - Evidence for Tonsillectomy Tonsillectomy for sore throats: Vol 5, Issue 9, September ... 01/04/07, 80574 bytes
Moorhens and mallards [May 1998; 51-7]*
... a Moorhen approach to the problem - that of trying to see off all opposition. This is a pity, because life isn't simple, the NHS isn't simple, and decision-making with individual patients isn't simple. Tools and toolboxes The various methods we use, statistical, representational, or economic, all have ... 01/04/07, 10456 bytes
Management stories*
Skip navigation Picture of the Bandolier Logo tabs MANAGING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE This site brings together stuff from Bandolier relevant to managing health services. It also includes all articles from ImpAct. In addition to this we continue to searche the literarature for reports to abstract to add ... 08/05/07, 23547 bytes
Report of the 3rd Bandolier Conference - on Osteoporosis*
REPORT OF THE 3RD BANDOLIER CONFERENCE - ON OSTEOPOROSIS January 16/17, 1997 at Eynsham Hall Conference Centre, Witney, Oxon ABSTRACTS Osteoporosis is a major clinical problem. In the U.K. around 2 million people suffer from osteoporosis, resulting in 60,000 hip, 50,000 wrist (Colles') and 40,000 ... 01/01/04, 43403 bytes
Reading in bed - letters*
... he could not limp any further. Despite his pain and disability a dramatic overall improvement in his affect was also noted. This followed his decision, after his stay on the orthopaedic ward, to donate all his journals (unread) to needy doctors in Third World countries. His JASPA score fell to 0 after ... 01/01/04, 22642 bytes
Story Index by Issue*
... [8-6] (21409 bytes) * Readers' Points [8-7] (8793 bytes) * Bandolier 8 Index (7542 bytes) Bandolier Issue 9 * Stopping Smoking [9-1] (39821 bytes) * Shared Care For Diabetes - A Systematic Review [9-2] (12077 bytes) * Cardiac Rehabilitation [9-3] (14393 bytes) * Being in Control [9-4] (9220 bytes) ... 01/04/07, 140578 bytes
Pathology as art appreciation: melanoma diagnosis [Mar 1997; 37-2]*
... paper assesses the accuracy of a diagnostic test which depends upon an individual's perception, on their vision or hearing, or on some subjective decision-making process, it is essential to ensure that the study includes an assessment of the degree of inter-observer variability. Any such paper should ... 01/04/07, 14057 bytes
Evidence-informed Patient Choice [Aug 1998; 54-5]*
... , trip off the tongue, but this is an area when the brain should be engaged first. Particularly so, because in the UK at least, engaging patients in decisions about their treatments has had a much increased profile in recent years. The problems are in the hows, whys, whens and how much(e)s, and even ... 01/04/07, 7993 bytes

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